Change Your Altitude


Credit cards are a great way to earn points towards free travel. The right combination of credit cards allows you to maximize your point-earning potential, which means more free travel.

There are tons of credit cards out there, but we’ve created a beginner’s guide to some great credit cards every travel enthusiast should consider picking up to maximize every day purchases and turn them into great travel rewards.

You’ll see from the cards listed in the articles above, each brings a strong suite to the table, particularly if you have an alignment to a specific airline or hotel group. The “right” card for you could be a combination of those listed above – we definitely recommend picking one(s) based on your travel preferences, frequency, and destinations. We recommend looking through this and finding ones that you make the most sense for you and the types of purchases you make the most frequently.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us with the details – we’d love to hear from you!