Change Your Altitude




Change Your Altitude is more than just a play on words – it’s a philosophy we try to live by. To us it means that we share a deep seeded passion for traveling the globe (and for SPG truth be told). At the very root of this is that we always seek to change our attitudes, perspectives, visions through our travels – to always be broadening our scope and mindset.

Between the two of us we have lived in Manila, Singapore, Kathmandu, Los Angeles, San Jose, Boston and New York City. We have visited all six inhabitable continents but we seek to discover more of each and will try to do so pragmatically and in style.



Living in Kathmandu, Nepal does not come without its challenges. But the upsides are pretty damn great as well. Besides being in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world, I get to travel around South East Asia regularly with easy access to some of my favorite destinations, be it on a beach in southern Thailand or at a sushi bar in Tokyo. I’ve always loved flying and I’ve found that this passion has only grown as I’ve gotten older – traveling will never get old for me (even if I can’t escape the ravages of time).

Choice Airline Alliance: Star Alliance
Choice Hotel Chain: SPG
United 1K (Star Alliance Gold), SPG Gold



Some might say that, being based in New York City, I live at the center of the world. But I enjoy getting away from the hustle as well, traveling for fun to remote places or to other metropolises. I am was also lucky enough to get to do it frequently as a part of my job as well, and for five years it took me to some amazing places in far flung countries. These days, I do my best to keep traveling, though this time 100% for fun. When I’m not living out of a suitcase and/or gorging on local delicacies, I enjoy spending time with my dog @MarshThePup and hanging out in my neighborhood, the Lower East Side West Village. Come check it out when in NYC, you won’t regret it.

Choice Airline Alliance: SkyTeam
Choice Hotel Chain: SPG
Delta Diamond Medallion (SkyTeam Elite Plus), SPG Platinum (Lifetime Gold), IHG Platinum



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