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Lounge Review: Delta Sky Club – Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Terminal 2

Delta Sky Club – Los Angeles International Airport


Location: Airside
Hours: 4:30 AM – 1:00 AM
Cost: Complimentary for Sky Club members, Delta One passengers, American Express Platinum cardholders (must present card), and Sky Elite passengers traveling on international flights
Shower: Yes
WiFi: Yes, free
Spa: No
Food: Yes, served buffet style. Alcohol available as part of buffet.
Table Service: No
Date of Visit: September 3, 2017



After a relaxing long weekend in LA, we were finally headed back to New York on a red eye (which I usually hate). The traffic getting to the airport from Santa Monica was not half as terrible as I thought it would be, so we found ourselves at the airport a full 2.5 hours early with plenty of time to burn.

I’ve flown the LAX-JFK Delta route more times than I can count, thanks to my old job which sent me to LA pretty frequently. This time round, Delta is doing a major overhaul of their terminals, and had taken over the former Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge in Terminal 2, which I had visited on a previous flight to Mexico City.

The Lounge

The lounges are located on the second level of Terminal 2 – you’ll either have to take the elevator or the stairs to get there. Once upstairs, you’ll find the Delta lounge across the way from the escalator.

Once we checked in, we wandered through the lounge trying to find a cozy spot to unwind for a couple of hours, but it turns out everyone in Terminal 2 has Sky Club membership or is flying Delta One tonight, and it proved to be more challenging than expected.

The lounge is generally split up in two areas – the main room, and an annex, if you will. The main room was a little dimmer, with tons of seats and tables. The dining and drinks were primarily located in this area (more on that later).

Delta Sky Club LAX

The annex, on the other hand, was much brighter, and felt slightly more clinical. The space felt more open, since the chairs had lower backs, so it felt a little bit more lacking in privacy.

Delta Sky Club LAX

The space had a range of seating options – from high back chairs, to leather over stuffed chairs, to cushioned benches, to mod looking seats. I like the high back chairs – they offer the most privacy.

The annex had a small kitchenette-style bar, an offshoot of the offerings in the main room.

Delta Sky Club LAX

The drink area served up Starbucks coffee, liquor (Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo, Bacardi, Baileys, and Grey Goose), and red and white wine. There were plenty of sodas under the counter, though they were room temperature. All the liquor is a nice touch considering the Sky Club at JFK charges for drinks made at the bar (no buffet-style drink bar like they do here).

The main room had the food buffet – a table in the center of the room, and a few counters on the side with more drinks and snacks.

Delta Sky Club LAX

There wasn’t much by way of warm food, but a decent selection of cold salads, cheese, vegetable sticks, hummus, fruit and bread. The only hot food they had was soup – Broccoli Cheddar and Creamy Sweet Potato. I had the Broccoli Cheddar – it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but I shamelessly came back for seconds.

The beverage options included a soda machine (a personal favorite), plenty of beers, wine, and juice in a refrigerator, plus Bud Lite, and Strand Brewing Company beer on tap. To top off the drinks were some drink-friendly snacks – trail mix-style pretzels and chips, popcorn, and oatmeal cookies.

While the set up is clearly temporary – not quite the typical Delta aesthetic, but they tried to dress it up where they could. I loved the art work that showcased local LA spots like the Santa Monica boardwalk and Beverly Hills.

The artwork even carried over to right outside the bathroom. The bathrooms, though neat and updated, weren’t as modern-looking as Delta’s typical lounge bathrooms. The floor to ceiling stalls are always nice though.

The Takeaway

Overall, it’s not a terrible lounge considering it’s a temporary set up, but it’s certainly not up to par with some of Delta’s newer lounges. The free-flowing liquor situation though is a welcome amenity – no complaints here! The space felt pretty packed with passengers; it felt almost chaotic and uninviting – the opposite of what a lounge should feel like. It’s definitely a step up from the former Air Canada lounge, which was lacking in snacks entirely, so I do appreciate the upgrade in that respect. Would love to have seen the space with more nooks created by furniture to make the space feel more intimate (and maybe create some mini sound barriers).

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