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SPG and Uber to End Partnership in December 2017

Earlier this year,  Uber and SPG changed the terms of their partnership, shifting from a $1 spent on Uber earns you 1 SPG point to $2:1. A disappointment for avid Uber riders, but at least the opportunity to earn 2 spg points per dollar spent when staying at Starwood properties still stuck around.


The Scoop

SPG and Uber have announced that they are ending their partnership, effective December 17, 2017. No changes need to be made on your account. According to the SPG website, you’ll have until 11:59 on December 17 to get your last ride in to earn those precious Starwood points.

If you have an upcoming stay at a Starwood property before December 17th, be sure to get your Uber rides in to take advantage of the last few days of this partnership


The Takeaway

The change should come as no surprise, of course. The downgrade in point earning structure clearly showed that this partnership was not working for one or both parties. Plus, with the upcoming Marriott+SPG program merger (Marriott previously announced they estimate the two programs to fully merge in 2018), a definitive decision had to be made about the future of the partnership, and I guess it wasn’t in the cards.

I have to say I’m pretty disappointed – I actually started using Uber more extensively once they two linked up, since I (and many others out there) consider Starwood points the most valuable point currency out there. This doesn’t mean I won’t be riding Ubers anymore – after all, I have a $15 monthly credit through my American Express Platinum Card. It does mean I’m more likely to shop around for the best price out there with these rideshare apps. After all, Lyft and Delta have partnered up – and while Skypesos SkyMiles aren’t particularly valuable, earning something is better than nothing.



Will this uncoupling change your rideshare habits? 

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