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Lounge Review: British Airways Lounge - BRU

Lounge Review: British Airways Lounge – Brussels Airport (BRU)

British Airways Lounge – Brussels Airport


Location: Airside
Hours: 5:30 AM – 9:15 PM
Cost: Complimentary for Business/First Class passengers of BA or select airlines, oneworld Sapphire or Emerald members
Shower: No
WiFi: Yes, free
Spa: No
Food: Yes, served buffet style. Alcohol available as part of buffet.
Table Service: No
Date of Visit: July 4, 2017



After a long weekend in Belgium, we were headed back to New York. We were flying Delta One home, and were given passes to the lounge as part of the Business Class service. Delta, however, does not operate a lounge in Brussels, so we were given access to British Airways’ lounge instead.

The Lounge

For international departures, the lounges are located after customs and security. Once you’ve made your way through, keep walking until you see the sign for the lounges – they’re located upstairs, so you’ll either have to take the stairs or the elevator.

Brussels Lounge, Belgium

Once upstairs, there are two lounges – the British Airways (BA) lounge and the Diamond Lounge. The BA lounge is located further down the hallway.

The lounge is divided into two main areas, both with slightly different seating configurations, but each with their own food and drink offerings, and plenty of seating. The section in the back had a business center along with plenty of cushy chairs to relax.

Lounge Review: British Airways Lounge - BRU

The food selection was limited – just bread, yogurt, fruit, and a selection of jam and other bread spreads. A fancy coffee machine was on hand to whip up some espressos and other caffeinated drinks. The beer selection was a bit better than you’d see in most lounges, at least in the United States – Hoegaraden, Lefe, Guiness, and Belle-Vue. Now, I know Brussels isn’t a BA hub by any means, but this lounge was disappointing in terms of food. This is the type buffet I’d expect to see at a basic Priority Pass lounge in a tiny airport. (Curiously the Priority Pass lounge here was a bit better). Considering the direction BA’s service has been headed, I shouldn’t be too surprised, however, disappointing, nonetheless.

The other side had more seating (and was far more empty than the back side of the lounge), including a long bar height table with some fruit, juice, and wine.

Lounge Review: British Airways Lounge - BRU

There was plenty of extra (empty) seats, including plenty of chairs to lounge on and tarmac-side seats.

This side had the same drink options as the other side, though no snacks.

Lounge Review: British Airways Lounge - BRU

The Takeaway

I wish there was more to write about this lounge, but there really isn’t. The lounge is a bit of letdown, especially considering that this is where airlines send Business Class passengers. Really just the bare bones amenities – nothing more than alcohol, snacks, wifi, and a place to sit. I wouldn’t say it’s worth arriving to the airport early to perch here.

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