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Snap Report: Bangkok Airways Economy Class Review – RGN-BKK

Yangon International Airport (RGN) – Bangkok Suvrnabhumi International Airport (BKK)


STD: 10:30AM ATD: 10:16AM +6.5 GMT
STA: 12:15PM ATA: 12:09PM +7 GMT


Flight Number: PG 702 
 Airbus A320 (HS-PKK)
Flight Date: June 2, 2017
Seat: 20 F
Class of Service: Economy
Seat Pitch: 31 inches
Seat Width: 19.8 inches
Meals: Hot meal after take off
In-Seat Outlets: No
WiFi: No



We had the best time on our trip in Myanmar, but our Asia trip wasn’t over just yet – we had 36 hours to spend in Bangkok before heading back to New York. It was a quick hop over to BKK on Bangkok Air for the last segment of our trip!

Check In & Boarding

We arrived at the airport two hours before our flight was scheduled to take off – which turned out to be just enough time to get through security and passport control. There are two points of security – one at the entrance, where you’ll have to put your luggage through an x-ray machine, and are physically inspected by a handheld metal detector – and once before you get to the gates. The first round of security feels much lighter, and doesn’t take much time.

There was no line at the Bangkok Air counter and we were quickly checked in by the associate at the counter.

Snap Report: Bangkok Airways Economy Class Review – RGN-BKK

We made our way to the back of the terminal, up the escalator to passport control, where we were met by a fairly sluggish line. The line was by no means long, I think a few people were standing in the wrong line, given the type of passport they held (don’t ask me how). The Myanmar passport line moved much quicker than the international and ASEAN passport holder lines, so be sure to give yourself a little bit of time to get through.

Snap Report: Bangkok Airways Economy Class Review – RGN-BKK

After spending some time at the Mingalar Sky Lounge, we wandered over to our departure gate. Boarding was just about to start as we arrived at the gate at about 10:00, which was so efficient that everyone had boarded and was buckled up fifteen minutes later.

Snap Report: Bangkok Airways Economy Class Review – RGN-BKK

The Flight

Though we flew over on an A320, this one had a much more updated interior evident from the leather seats (vs the fabric seats on the flight over).

Snap Report: Bangkok Airways Economy Class Review – RGN-BKK

The seats were the same width as those on the flight over, which is average for an A320. These seats had the magazine/safety card holder built into the seat back tray, I always like since it feels like there’s less in the way of legroom. The seat had a button to recline, but unlike the other plane, there was no built-in (albeit, aged) entertainment on the seat.

As the passengers settled into their seats, the Flight Attendants came by with pre-packaged moist towelettes. Shortly after, the aircraft door was closed and we pushed back by 10:20 – a full 10 minutes earlier than scheduled! (Hope no one was late and missed the flight.) Not sure if this is a common thing in Myanmar, but our flights regularly took off at least 10 minutes earlier than scheduled.

We taxied over to the runway and took off about 15 minutes later, cruising at an altitude of 32,000 feet.

Snap Report: Bangkok Airways Economy Class Review – RGN-BKK

Ten minutes into our flight, the meal service started. I really enjoy these incredibly efficient flights. The meal served was a hot lunch –  a Singaporean chicken noodle dish served with a green salad and a matcha green tea custard-topped cake. Now, i know it doesn’t look like much but it was good. The noodles were well cooked – not mushy and overcooked – and very tasty. While the salad was nothing to write home about, the matcha cake was pretty great too (despite the fact it didn’t look particularly appetizing), it wasn’t too sweet and was a great way to end the meal. Snap Report: Bangkok Airways Economy Class Review – RGN-BKK

Shortly after the meal was served, the captain came on the intercom to let us know that we were expecting to arrive in Bangkok at around 12:20 local time (which was 30 minutes ahead of Myanmar time). Snap Report: Bangkok Airways Economy Class Review – RGN-BKK

Half way through the flight, I popped into the lavatory. It looked worn with age (clearly was not upgraded when the seats were). The toilet seat cover was all scratched up, but the toilet seat itself looked clean. There was a small shelf that held little pre-packaged soaps (an add-on to the liquid soap dispenser by the sink, I suppose) and a couple small bottles of air freshening spray.


Thirty minutes before the captain’s estimated time of arrival, the captain came back on the intercom to request the cabin crew prepare for arrival. The crew quickly made their way through the cabin, taking any trash we had left, and doing seat belt checks before strapping themselves in for landing.

We landed earlier than the captain predicted – at 12:10 pm local time. We taxied for a few minutes and made our way to gate C3, where we deplaned almost as quickly efficiently as we boarded.

Snap Report: Bangkok Airways Economy Class Review – RGN-BKK

The Takeaway

Bangkok Airways prides itself as being “Asia’s Boutique Airline” – and they certainly are that. They’re definitely a step above low cost carriers in terms of offerings (warm meals onboard flights lasting 60 minutes, lounge access to all passengers), but are definitely more casual with other aspects such as service. It’s not a bad thing – after all, I love a flight that gets in early! The service is still friendly and hospitable, though feels a little bit more rushed and a bit less refined than when flying a larger airline. It’s hardly a bad thing, especially on a quick hour-long flight. Would definitely fly again, especially if they offer a cheaper or more convenient flight that their competitors.

Check in & Boarding:  8/10 – Check in was quick and no-fuss, as was boarding.
Food: 9/10 – For what it was, I really enjoyed my meal!
Seat: 8/10 – Average, but absolutely fine for such a quick flight.
Crew:  8/10– Friendly and fast-moving. No complaints here.
Flight Experience: 9/10 – Overall a pretty positive experience, though the lavatory could use some care.
Overall: 42/50 (84%) ★★★★

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