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Snap Report: Air KBZ Economy Class Review – NYU-RGN

Nyaung U Airport (NYU) – Yangon International Airport (RGN)


STD: 10:05 AM ATD: 9:47 AM GMT+6.5
STA: 11:25 AM ATA: 11:08 AM GMT+6.5


Flight Number: K7 261
ATR 72-600 (XY-AJJ)
Flight Date: May 31, 2017
Seat: 17A
Class of Service: Economy
Meals: Beverage and snack service
In-Seat Outlets: No
WiFi: No



Three days in Bagan came and went, and before we knew it, we were off to Yangon to round out our trip to Myanmar.

Check In & Boarding

Before we arrived our tour guide strongly urged us to double check on our flight – he said it’s not unusual for airlines to switch up the schedule. When we arrived through, we were thrilled to find that our flight hadn’t changed. We arrived at 8:45 for our 10:05 AM flight, which was, as it turns out, just the right amount of time to give ourselves to minimize waiting while not feeling rushed. As we walked in, we checked in at the counter, where we were issued our tickets, with hand written flight details. We were told to sit in the waiting area until it was our flight’s turn to board.

Air KBZ Ticket - Air KBZ Economy Class Review - NYU-RGN

The Nyaung-U airport is tiny, and it looked like they managed one flight at a time. We waited about 15 minutes before they opened up security and called us over to be processed.

Once we went through security, we were lead into a waiting area. Everyone in the room was waiting to board our flight. We waited for about 20 minutes here, which felt a little bit longer since the airport does not offer free wifi.

NYU Airport - Air KBZ Economy Class Review - NYU-RGN

After about 20 minutes of waiting, airline employees came out and began checking tickets. We were ushered out to the tarmac, where a bus was waiting to drive us to the plane.

As when we arrived, we boarded via air stairs. Passengers were pretty orderly when boarding. Air KBZ Economy Class Review - NYU-RGN

The Flight

The plane looked newer than the one we took on our way to Bagan. The seats looked less tired and worn. The plane was set up in a 2-2 configuration, with no premium seating – all the seats were the same. Each seat had a hook, so passengers could hang a coat on the seat in front them (although I can’t imagine anyone wearing a coat in this climate!). The seats also had the option to recline slightly and the magazine holder was built in behind the tray table, all of which contributed to the upgraded feel this plane had in comparison to the one we took coming here.

Despite the small size of the plane, the overhead compartments were normal in size, and easily fit our rimowa carry on bags with no issue.

Air KBZ Economy Class Review - NYU-RGN

The plane was only half full when they shut the aircraft door, but we began to taxi and took off early. We took off at around 9:45 AM; 20 minutes earlier than scheduled (hope no one missed the flight!). Air KBZ Economy Class Review - NYU-RGN

The snack service started 20 minutes into the flight, from the back of the plane. Lucky for us, we were seated towards the tail, so we were fed quickly.

The box came with a chocolate croissant, pound cake, and small piece of chocolate. I didn’t have the croissant, but the pound cake was surprisingly tasty.

Shortly after the snack boxes were handed out, the Flight Attendants came by with drinks, offering coffee, water, and tea.

The service was much more laid back on this flight in contrast to the one we took to Bagan. It seemed less rush, but on the other hand, there were fewer options (and fewer rounds of beverages served).

Snack - Air KBZ Economy Class Review - NYU-RGN

Midway through the flight I popped up to head to the lavatory, which was located in the back of the plane. The lavatory was fairly small (as one might expect on a smaller aircraft), though some of the items felt… less cared for. The soap dispenser looked like it had seen better days and could have used a good  scrubbing. Instead of paper towels, a roll of toilet paper was haphazardly tossed into the dispenser. It was clear the dispenser was not intended to hold toilet paper, since it kept ripping after every pull or so. It got the job done though I suppose, so I guess that’s what counts.

We hit a patch of turbulence as I got back from the lavatory, which lasted for a few minutes. Other than that, the rest of the flight was smooth sailing. At 11 am, the captain announced hour initial descent into Yangon. Air KBZ Economy Class Review - NYU-RGN


Landing was quick – we didn’t spend time circling in the air. We touched down at 11:08 AM, and taxied over to our spot on the tarmac. As we deplaned, a bus was waiting for us on the tarmac, which people scurried into, eager to get to the terminal. We pulled up to gate 30 at 11:15 and were in an uber heading to Yangon by 11:20!

Air KBZ Economy Class Review - NYU-RGN

The Takeaway

Flying Air KBZ was a lot like flying on a bus. It’s not a bad thing – it was very quick, no frills, and got me from point A to B. The price I paid was no doubt inflated since I was a foreigner, but, hey, supply and demand, right?

Check in & Boarding:  8/10 – It wasn’t fancy or anything, but it certainly was efficient and stress free.
Food: 7/10 – Again, am I rating for serving food on such a short flight? Unclear. But the pound cake was pretty good. 
Seat: 7/10 – Felt narrow and limited in leg room, but the seat did feel new-ish. 
Crew:  7/10– Brisk in service, but just friendly enough.
Flight Experience: 7/10 – Overall pretty average – service was offered was as expected, food was served (more than what I’d get on a 2 hour flight on a domestic flight in the United States), and the flight departed and landed early. Lavatory could use a refresh otherwise pretty solid. 
Overall: 36/50 (72%) ★★★★

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