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Miracle First Class Lounge BKK

Lounge Review: Miracle First Class Lounge, Concourse C – Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)

Miracle First Class Lounge, Concourse C – Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK)

Location: Concourse C, Airside
Hours: Open 24 hours/day
Cost: $28 USD per person/Priority Pass accepted
Shower: No
WiFi: Yes, free
Spa: No
Food: Yes, served buffet style. Alcohol available as part of buffet.
Table Service: No
Date of Visit: May 29, 2017



While looking for the Bangkok Air (PG) lounge on our way to the gate for our flight, Brian and I stumbled upon the Miracle First Class Lounge. When we noticed the Priority Pass sign, we decided to pop in here to pass the time instead of continuing to hunt for the PG lounge.

The Lounge

The lounge was pretty packed when we first walked in – but only in the sitting/lounge area. There was quite a bit of space .

There were other areas to sit, thought just not as comfortable – some bar tables and a nook with extra chairs (though not quite as comfortable as the main sitting area). There was also a small business center that went unused during my visit.

The back area was dedicated to dining – both the buffet area and some tables. The hot food offerings were limited to four dishes (none of which were appealing to me), plus some baked goods and cold ingredients for salad.

Buffet - Miracle First Class Lounge - Concourse C BKK

I was pleasantly surprised with the options – there were a few hot dishes (including fried rice and fried eggs), as well as baked goods, cold ingredients for salad, some fruit, and a wide variety in terms of beverages. Given the size of the lounge, I wasn’t expecting any hot options, so I was pleased with the selection.

Bonus – several puff pastries sitting in a warmer in the middle of the buffet. Pigs in a blanket are my weakness. They weren’t particularly crispy and fresh (I imagine they’d been sitting there for a bit of time), but having the option is nice.

Buffet - Miracle First Class Lounge - Concourse C BKK

As I mentioned, the lounge is tiny, so there were only 8 tables, which weren’t particularly busy while we were there (though the main sitting area remained pretty packed). Seats were comfortable and the area looked clean and well maintained.

Dining Area - Miracle First Class Lounge - Concourse C BKK

That’s pretty much it for the lounge – it’s pretty basic. There was a magazine rack and a shelf with some decorative items, but that was it. The lounge didn’t even have a bathroom – you had to leave and use the airport bathroom.

I never have particularly high expectations for Priority Pass lounges, but considering the size, it was perfectly fine. Since we were boarding a quick one hour flight to Yangon, we certainly weren’t expecting to have a flashy lounge at our fingertips, so this one fit the bill. An in-lounge bathroom would be a nice upgrade – while the airport restroom wasn’t too far away, it is a bit of a hassle. Overall, the lounge was clean, had free wifi, and offered a solid selection of food. Though small, it’s on the nicer side of some other priority pass lounges I’ve visited.

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