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IMG_44Louis Tavern Dayrooms - Entrance Sign

Hotel Review: Louis Tavern Dayroom Transit Hotel

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand
Room 326
May 27, 2017
Room Rate: $115 USD for 6 hours



I’ve found airport hotels to generally be sub par – and I can see why – they have a steady stream of guests who stay at their property for no reason other than convenience and proximity to the airport. Now, imagine a hotel in the airport. Brian and I were on our way to Myanmar, but flew into Bangkok (long story) from New York. Our flight to Yangon was early the next morning, so staying in the airport hotel seemed to make the most sense. The Louis Tavern Dayrooms are located in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport and are available to passengers connecting to international flights – so you don’t go through border control.


 Louis Tavern Dayroom Transit Hotel

Neighborhood: Bang Phli District, Suvarnabhumi Airport
Pool: No
Concierge: No
Spa: Yes
Bar and Restaurant On-Property: Breakfast served on-site
Room Rate Range: $100-$120 USD for 6 hours

Check In

Once we deplaned, we had to clear security before making our way up to main terminal. There were no signs for the hotel – we only found it after stopping by the information booth. For the record, it’s located on the fourth floor, tucked away in a far corner of Concourse G.

As we arrived, the three front desk agents were quick to assist us in checking in. I had booked on a third party website, and had prepaid so they just needed $10 in cash as a “hold” to ensure we’d return our key. Which was a physical key, if you didn’t catch on, not a key card. The rate we had booked was only good for 6 hours, and every extra hour was 600 THB. They handed us our key to room 326 and pointed us in the direction of the escalator – our room was located downstairs on the 3rd floor. Louis Tavern Dayrooms - Lobby Area

The dining area was right by the front desk. Breakfast was included in our room rate, but since our flight was so early, we didn’t have time to stop by and check out the spread unfortunately. The space looked basic but large and clean.

At first I thought the escalator wasn’t operating (just what I needed at midnight after two flights), but as I approached, it automatically started running (albeit, slow). Down the plain white hallway – which I’ll admit was nicer than I thought it would look.

Louis Tavern Dayrooms - Hallway

The Room

The room was pitch dark when we walked in – and even with the lights all on, it was pretty dim. My reservation was a “Standard Room”, so I wasn’t too clear on what to expect in terms of a bed, but I was disappointed that it wasn’t one bed like in the photos – instead, two twin beds semi-pushed together.

Louis Tavern Dayrooms - Superior Room

The pillows were fluffier than I thought, but the mattress was uncomfortably thin. The bed was made with just bed sheets, but there was a blanket and a spare pillow in the closet. I would have preferred a thicker blanket, but the room wasn’t particularly cold so it was fine.

Louis Tavern Dayrooms - Superior Room

The room came with a large flat screen TV, a desk with complimentary bottles of water, a coffee maker, and a minibar (if that’s what you want to call it) with some overpriced soda and juice. Everything was the bare minimum you’d need in a hotel room. A bonus (I suppose) – two robes hanging in the closet. I’m a big fan of robes, so I was pleased the room came equipped with this. The robe was thin (no surprise there), but appreciated nonetheless.

An oddity I took notice of – since the hotel is located in the airport, you won’t have much of a view. You won’t have a view at all, in fact – outside your window is the terminal – and I mean inside the terminal. It’s a little odd looking out your window and being able to people watch your fellow travelers.

With the rate came free wifi, which was accessed by entering a unique passcode (provided to us at check in) into the page that loaded on your browser once you connect. The connection was  fine when I first hopped on to check email, but after an hour or so of use, I couldn’t log back on, so I had to rely on my spotty T-Mobile connection instead.

The bathroom was about as bare bones as one could imagine. The sink had an unusual looking faucet – the knob was triangle shaped and attached so I couldn’t quite tell how it worked exactly when I first used it. Right by the sink was a hair dryer which was pretty weak and took a long time to actually get my hair dry.

The entire bathroom felt a little grimy, and the shower certainly didn’t help. The shower head was attached to a heating device which you had to set to get hot water. The device was a little fussy, and moving the knob in just the slightest would change the temperature from ice cold to scalding hot. The heater was connected to a plastic handheld shower head was mounted to the wall and doubled as a (well) regular shower head.

I try not to be too picky, but I’ll admit the bathroom made me feel uneasy. The shower area showed some signs of rusting and cheap repair, and while the bathroom smelled clean, the tile looked visibly old, aged, and so yellow they couldn’t get it clean. The sign over the shampoo and body wash (tip: no conditioner) didn’t help either – “Please be careful, breakage will be charged 1,000 baht”.  Yikes.

The Takeaway

Considering they charge just over $100 USD, you can easily get a nicer hotel in the area. Just past border control is a Novotel hotel, which went for about $130 USD when I first checked – just $15 more than I paid to stay at this hotel for six hours (and less than what I paid for 7 hours). Since the Novotel is a standard hotel, $130 will buy you a full night’s stay, with a standard check out time of noon. Even with an early flight time, I would skip this hotel on my next transit through Bangkok. For those who require a visa to enter Thailand and don’t have one, this is a decent option to catch up on sleep – but a pricey one at that.

Hotel Appearance: 5/10 – For the most part looks clean and simple. Nothing fancy, and the dining area looked somewhat updated. 
Room: 6/10 –
Very bare bones, but had the basic necessities. Points off for the bathroom that left me feeling uneasy.
Staff: 6/10 – Staff was friendly and kind, but seemed to be interested in quickly processing people and sending them on their way. 
Location: 8/10 –
Located in the airport before border control, its location is very convenient, however, given its location inside the terminal, that lends it to a somewhat busy and loud feeling. 
On-Site Amenities and Hospitality Services: 4/10 –
Points because it had a spa on-site. Plus free breakfast included in the rate. (Though for $100+, I guess this wasn’t really free.) 
Overall Rating: 29/50 (58%)

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