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KAL Lounge Prestige Class ICN

Lounge Review: KAL Prestige Lounge – Incheon International Airport (ICN)

Location: Main Terminal, Airside, 4th Floor (entrance at 3rd floor)
Hours: 6:30 AM – 11:55PM
Cost: Open to SkyTeam business class passengers/SkyTeam Elite passengers
Shower: Yes
WiFi: Yes, free
Spa: No
Food: Yes, served buffet style. Mostly fruit, chips, instant noodles, as well as some hot dishes.
Beverages: Yes, wine, beer, and liquor is complimentary
Table Service: No
Smoking Room: Yes
Date of Visit: May 27, 2017



After our 14 hour flight from JFK (and a great one at that), we landed for our 2 hour layover in Seoul’s Incheon International Airport on our way to Bagan, Myanmar

The Lounge

The entrance was a little challenging to find – somehow we kept finding signs for the First Class lounge, and while they were physically located next to each other on the fourth floor, the entrance to the Prestige lounge was located on the third floor, which is the main terminal floor.

KAL Lounge Prestige Class

Up the escalator was the check in desk, where we were greeted by three friendly agents who helped us check in. Check In Counter- KAL Lounge Prestige Class ICN

The sign said that the lounge was to the left of the check in deck and the restroom was to the right, so naturally we turned left and found ourselves in a large main room, with glass panels on one side that overlooked the tarmac. The lounge was filled with plenty of seats, most of which  faced the large pane.Main room - KAL Lounge Prestige Class ICN

The lounge had some partitions that created nooks of privacy, some located in the back of the room and others right by the window. We managed to find a couple seats next to each other in a line of chairs with no dividers (aka no privacy or silence). Each seat was unfortunately not equipped with each own outlet, but we fortunately had one to charge up our phones while we passed the time.

The back area was dedicated to dining – both the buffet area and some tables. The hot food offerings were limited to four dishes (none of which were appealing to me), plus some baked goods and cold ingredients for salad.

As for beverages, there was a beer dispenser, water in single serve cups, plus a coffee maker. Oh, and hot water for tea, and ramen of course. The ramen flavors were limited to a spicy and shrimp, the same variety offered at the JFK lounge.

The toilets are shower rooms were located on the other side of the lounge and were pretty basic in offerings. The bathrooms were essentially rooms with a toilet and sink in each space. Shower rooms were located in the same area but were all locked. Guests who’d like to use it would have to borrow a key from the front desk. If I had a longer transit time, I would have at least considered borrowing the key to see the shower space, unfortunately, my quick two hour layover didn’t allow for this.

There were signs that said there were more toilets a few hundred meters away, so I walked further and much to my surprise (due to a lack of signage) there was a large open room that mostly mirrored the main room. Same seats seats and partitions lined the space.

The dining options were mostly the same, but were limited to baked goods and snacks, and plenty of liquor which was out on display for patrons to imbibe in. Wine was also available – a bottle of Chateau Beauchene Cotes du Rhone Premier Terroir and Concha y Toro Reservado Chardonnay was out on display.

While the lounge was fairly nice, it lacked in any real amenities that I’d expect from an airline’s lounge at its home airport. I would have loved to see sleep rooms, an outlet on every chair, more food (better?) options, and frankly a larger lounge. The lounge went through waves of moderately busy to jam packed in the time we were there. Korean Air has far more business class passengers and elite passengers than they do lounge space. Considering the fantastic flight I had just stepped off of, I was disappointed with the lounge. If you do find yourself here, I suggest heading to the right side of the lounge after checking in – it seemed a little less busy and more relaxing.

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