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Delta News Round Up: Snack Refresh, Medallion Upgrade Seat Selections, Pay For Seat Upgrade After Ticket Purchase

I can’t tell if Delta is actually regularly improving their service/product or if they just do a better job talking about it, but they’re back this week with some small tweaks to their program and it’s generally good news:


The Scoop & Takeaway

Medallions will appreciate this one – after much ado about being “upgraded” say, from a Main Cabin window seat to a Premium Economy middle seat, Delta is finally offering upgraded frequent flyer the option to select their seat upgrades once the upgrade eligibility window opens. Right now, Delta’s system auto-upgrades medallions whatever seat is available in the next class up. According to Delta:

“Medallion Members may choose, instead, to self-select upgrade seats from the seat map once their eligibility window opens. The seat map will also allow a Medallion Member to choose to revert back to Main Cabin with one touch if they aren’t happy with their upgrade seat assignment, for example, to a middle seat. “

I’m a little unclear if that means Medallions will have to go in and manually upgrade themselves – because right now, you absolutely can switch your seat back to the Main Cabin “with one touch” – assuming that seat hasn’t been taken.


In other Delta News, Delta is now making it easier for passengers to purchase cabin upgrades after the ticket has been purchased. This is great for business travelers whose companies limit what class of service they can fly based on policies – if they’d like to upgrade their Premium Economy ticket to say, Delta One, they can do so out of their own pocket even after they’ve been ticketed in Premium Economy directly on or by calling the airline. This only applies to itineraries wholly operated by Delta, of course, but can be applied to any segment of the trip. That means if you are flying from JFK to LIM via ATL, but would only like to upgrade the ATL to LIM part, you can – a nice swap from the previous system where you’d have to upgrade the entire leg.

It’s unclear at this point in time what the cost difference will be – will customers just be paying the difference between the cost of Main Cabin and Delta One or will there be a bigger difference? In my former life as a business traveler, this would have definitely been something I would have loved – especially on a red eye flight from LAX to JFK, where my company only ever paid for the Main Cabin. I would have easily paid to upgrade that ticket to Delta One!

An upgrade to Delta One from the Main Cabin could be all yours! Price tag TBD.


Oh and PS – Delta will be refreshing their snacks in June and will now offer Squirrel Brand almonds, Pretzel Perfection Olive Oil & Sea Salt Pretzels and KIND Healthy Grains Oats & Honey with Toasted Coconut bars… in addition to their signature Biscoff cookies.

Am I the only one who doesn’t love their cookies?!

Biscoff cookies. Credit: Delta


Featured image credit: Delta

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