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Lounge Review: Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge – Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge – Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)


Location: Terminal 1, second floor above the C concourse
Hours: 05:30-21:00
Cost: n/a – admission for Star Alliance Gold, Thai Airways Platinum/Gold and Royal Silk passengers only
Shower: No
WiFi: Yes, free
Spa: No
Food: Yes, served buffet style. Mostly finger food (small sandwiches, kebabs, pastries)
Beverages: Yes, wine, beer, and liquor is complimentary
Table Service: For drinks yes – upon request


I’m usually here in this lounge for the early morning crack of dawn Thai service from Singapore to Bangkok. As such I try to arrive as late as possible for the 07:40 (08:15 in the winter) departure so that means I’m usually clearing immigration at the same time our crew arrives and clears immigration themselves. They arrive on the late evening TG 402 service and operate the early morning service which means they’re probably operating on approximately 3-4 hours of sleep – max. Kudos to them for looking remotely presentable, unlike myself most likely.

All this means a rather (gratefully) limited time in the lounge, which in itself doesn’t need much time to be spent in. That’s not a knock on the Thai Airways lounge per se, but at these early hours of the morning I’m simply thankful for Singapore Changi International’s efficiency.

Once clearing immigration the Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge is located on the second floor to the left of immigration, just over the C Concourse of Changi Terminal 1. It’s situated ideally over the duty free concourse and next to the SATS (Singapore’s general ground handling agent) lounge, in front of the British Airways and Qantas lounges and across the Malaysia Airlines lounge.

Most days Thai leaves from the far C concourse (about 10 minute walk away) but there have been multiple times where the flight leaves from the end of the D concourse which is a good 30 minute walk away – not ideal and you’d think Thai would ensure their flights leave as close to their lounge as possible.

Once you enter the lounge you’re greeted by a TG staff member courteously and boarding pass scanned. Through to the left the lounge itself is relatively modestly sized but seems to be more than enough for Thai’s 5x daily operations into Changi. The morning flight in particular seems to have many Royal Orchid/Star elites given the timing of the flight so for today I made myself comfortable in the ‘bistro’ area of the lounge.

The lounge unfortunately doesn’t have any natural light in it but is adorned in Thai’s traditional and famous burgundy, white and deep pink hues that gives it a pleasant feel.

The bistro area I was at was simple but clean and neat – it served its purpose and I enjoy plating myself here for its privacy. The area is cordoned off from the rest of the lounge so is usually not really occupied and is even more private than other areas.

Drink options are plentiful, the soft drinks are nicely presented into a fridge.

Hard drinks are also available even at this early hour of the morning, and are basically left out for self service. Beers were also stored in the fridge, and funnily enough some people did actually take advantage of these offerings.

The buffet area is small but more than sufficient and was never too crowded. As you can see supplies and food stocks were routinely re-stocked.

Light snacks and sandwiches, similar to the airline’s offerings in Bangkok were on offer as well as breakfast pastries.

There was an also make your own congee corner that people could use, and it seemed popular as a breakfast item – it is after all a staple of breakfast in many Asian countries. Next to the congee bar was an extensive tea selection which is another staple for breakfast time in the region. Dilmah is a respected brand from India and is widely seen as a premium tea brand so it’s impressive that Thai offers such a wide range of offerings in custom branded Thai boxes.

I personally skipped any food offerings – I rarely have an appetite this early in the morning. I just grabbed a soda water as I usually do, and one extra one for the road.

Then went onwards from the bistro area to the general seating area and plopped myself down at one of the comfortable sofa seating areas which had since been emptied out by overly eager passengers wanting to board the aircraft earlier than I ever would.

The Takeaway

Singapore Changi’s Royal Silk lounge serves its purpose perfectly – nothing more, nothing less. It’s decorated by Thai’s amazing color schemes but remains relatively sterile. The lack of natural light or views of the tarmac does make it seem a bit colder.

However the staff are on point and can’t do enough for you to ensure the experience in the lounge is a good one. The food is also decent without being exceptional but the drink selection, both hard and soft, is above average. The catering offerings do change through the day and breakfast is (as usual) the weakest offering of the day – more substantial and delicious offerings are set out for the day and night flights that Thai operates.

The seating areas are plush and comfortable and well segmented giving privacy but keeping the lounge feeling ‘open’ – you’ll definitely feel at ease here. However it must said that during peak times, especially the morning and evening services where many frequent fliers will be commuting between the two Asian hubs, you might find yourself sharing seating spaces or finding nooks and crannies to sit in because the lounge does fill up.

Finally, it should be noted that there is no bathroom on site – you have to walk out and walk down a short hall to use a public bathroom. As is the norm in Singapore, the bathroom is spotless and kept clean at all times – but it’s still a downside to the lounge. The bathroom is shared with the British Airways, Qantas, Malaysia Airlines and SATS lounges so it is ‘nicer’ than most other public bathrooms – but public bathroom it remains.

Overall, Thai’s Singapore lounge is a better than average outstation lounge and a nice perk I appreciate lounging in when I depart from SIN on a TG flight but it’s nothing special per se. Perhaps the most solid 7/10 I could give a Business Class lounge.




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