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Delta 5405 LGA-RIC First Class Review Delta

Snap Report: Delta DL 5405 LGA-RIC CRJ-700 First Class Review

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) – Richmond International Airport (RIC)


STD: 7:55 PM ATD: 7:52 PM GMT-4
STA: 9:40 PM  ATA: 9:40 PM GMT-4


Aircraft: CRJ-700
Flight Date: March 17, 2017
Seat: 2D
Class of Service: Domestic First Class
Seat Type: Recliner
Seat Pitch: 36 in
Seat Width: 19.6 in
Meals: Complimentary snacks and beverage service
In-Seat Outlets: No
WiFi: Yes, GoGo Wifi
IFE: No, but Delta Studio available to view on personal devices at no charge


One of the things I never got to do very much when I was traveling for work was weekend getaways to see old friends. I had a couple friends who had moved to Richmond, VA, a full 5 years ago and I still hadn’t found the time to visit, despite promising to do so every year.

Well, now that I’ve given up traveling for work, there seemed like no better time to head down there for the weekend and make up for lost time.

Check In & Boarding

Brian and I arrived at LGA about an hour and a half early. Check in was unremarkable, thankfully there was no line, though the agent seemed disinterested in us and her job as a whole. Regardless, we were issued our tickets and breezed through security.

Had the chance to use my CLEAR access at LGA, which in retrospect was not particularly necessary since the regular TSA Pre✓ line wasn’t too busy, but this would definitely be a lifesaver during a holiday weekend.

Since we got to the airport with 30 minutes to spare before boarding, we made our way over to the Delta Sky Club (located in the opposite direction of my departure gate, just my luck) to kill time. Unlike every other visit I’ve had to this lounge, it was less busy than usual, so it was a great start to the trip. As usual, the Sky Club offerings were pretty so-so, though they offered a tomato bisque soup that hit the spot on this chilly winter (if that’s what you want to call this weather we’ve been having) day.


Before we knew it, it was time to board, but of course, boarding hadn’t actually started on time. Even so, the flight wasn’t particularly full (and the plane wasn’t particularly large), so it only took about 15 minutes for everyone to board.

Snap Report: Delta 5405 LGA-RIC First Class Review

The Flight

The First Class cabin on the CRJ-700 is a 1-2 configuration and a 2-2 set up in the Main Cabin. The First Class seats were the standard recliner chair, though this plane had the older, un-updated seats which looked tired and like it had seen better days.

Delta 5405 LGA-RIC First Class Review Delta

First Class Cabin

Each seat came had a bottle of water on the armrest. Since these were not recently upgraded, the seats did not come with any USB ports or outlets to plug into, and had no entertainment in the seat in front of it. The plane came equipped with Gogo wifi and passengers could watch TV shows and movies on Delta Studio at no charge, but the flight was far too short to watch anything.

A few minutes after sitting down, we were offered pre-take off beverages.

I settled in as others boarded the plane, and the boarding door was closed ad we seemed ready to push back, but we continued to sit at the gate for about ten minutes. Eventually, the captain got on the PA System to let us know that while we were ready for take off there was a plane behind us blocking us. I’m not entirely sure what was causing the issue but 20 minutes later we remained at the gate, all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Snap Report: Delta 5405 LGA-RIC First Class Review

View from my window

Finally, 30 minutes after our scheduled departure time, we pushed back from the gate, with no further comments from the captain. We were soon in line for take off, thankfully, and the captain got on again, this time to let us know that we were second in line for departure. By around 8:35 PM, we were wheels up and finally on our way to Richmond.

The drink service began at about 9 PM, immediately followed by the flight attendant offering a basket of snacks. I was interested in the options since this was my first flight with the new snack offerings, though the variety didn’t quite match up with the press release – they did have Snyders pretzels though. I opted for a bag of chips which was good and probably one of the better kettle chips I’ve tried.

Snap Report: Delta 5405 LGA-RIC First Class Review Delta snacks

Delta 5405 LGA-RIC snacks

I had barely managed to work through half the bag of kettle chips when the captain got back on the speaker and informed us that we were beginning our descent into Richmond. Despite our unusual 30 minute delay, we still made good time, thanks to the fact that Delta blocks off and hour and 40 minutes for a 50 minute flight.


We touched down in Richmond at about 9:35 PM. Landing was fairly smooth and I got to take in some great views of Richmond’s night lights as we descended.

We taxied for a few minutes before pulling up to gate B14. We landed “on time” – or rather, on schedule.

Delta 5405 LGA-RIC First Class Review Delta

The Takeaway

A fairly standard Delta flight. Would like to say it went off without a hitch, but the 30 minutes we spent parked at the gate didn’t make for a fantastic start to the flight.

Richmond is oddly expensive to get to from New York (tickets typically cost around $300 round trip) given how close by it is, so I’m not sure that I’d say flying Delta always makes sense if you’re not airline-loyal. Both United and American also fly this route nonstop as well, with similar departure times across the three carriers, so you’ll have a few options when booking flights.

If you’re a Medallion member, this short flight is a great option to bank 500 miles each way – and chances of upgrades are pretty good since it’s not a busy route.

Delta 5405 LGA-RIC First Class Review Delta seatback pockets

View of Richmond from the sky

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