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(m)introducing NYC’s Milk Bar Cookies to JetBlue Mint Flights – Yes Please…!

Jetblue has been doing things right of late – their Mint service has been a massive hit – undercutting their rivals on the premium coast to coast services from NYC to San Francisco to Los Angeles whilst upping the game with their new suites and free for all WiFi that’s miles above anything else offered in terms of speed and reliability.

They’ve also gone along with their partnerships with premium hometown New York folks like Saxon+Baines in coming up with innovative tapas menus. The fact that a oneway Mint First Class Ticket is about half of what anything United, Delta or American might charge in Business shows that the airline is doing something right – because, forgive the pun – JetBlue is minting money on their (not so) new A321 services – so much so that it has been extended to their Boston and Fort Lauderdale hubs for their respective flights to the west coast. Whatever B6 is doing, it’s working.

Now we have further enhancements to the service that’s further leaving everyone behind.


The Scoop:

JetBlue announced yesterday that they are adding another New York based premium partner to their Mint services – Milk Bar. For those familiar with the New York area, Momofuku Milk Bar cookies are simply the best – bar none. They have made themselves into an iconic brand through their continued excellence in not only maintaining the quality of their products but also on how they continue to introduce new product lines of cookies that just simply satisfy their customers.

Starting in April 2017, JetBlue will introduce to ALL Mint travelers a pre-arrival snack of Milk Bar cookies, catered fresh from New York. For the select Mint flights that are Red Eyes, Milkbar’s ‘HardBody green juice’ (a part of the ‘LIFE’ line of healthy options from Milk Bar) will be offered pre-early morning arrivals into New York or Boston.

Furthermore, ‘Go-to-Bags’ will also be served with well known Bagel Rounds to further enhance the Mint experience with JetBlue. This is keeping in tune with the airline’s strong connection to its hometown of New York, and approrpiate for red eye arrivals that land into JFK just at or before breakfast time. 

As for the Milk Bar cookies, the selection will vary from flight to flight but will feature all the favourites that has made the brand and it’s creator Christina Tosi a New York staple. Depending on flight and depature time, any one of the Confetti Cookie, Cornflake Chocolate Chup Marshmallow or the brand’s signature Compost Cookie will be offered as part of the inflight catering service. 

For those not familiar of what exactly these cookies entail, here’s JetBlue and Milk Bar’s official descriptions of what they are, per the official press release:

Milk Bar Cookies Served in Mint:
Confetti Cookie:
Just like the Milk Bar b’day truffles and birthday layer cake, this sugar cookie is full of birthday sprinkles, birthday cake crumbs and that familiar old fashioned vanilla flavor.

Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow:
A play on the classic chocolate chip cookie with crunchy cornflakes, gooey marshmallows and mini chocolate chips.

Compost Cookie®:
Packed with pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, graham cracker, butterscotch and chocolate chips. This cookie strikes the perfect balance between salty and sweet.

A glimpse at the delightful selection of Momofuku Milk Bar cookies that will now be offered on JetBlue Mint flights. Credit: JetBlue and BusinessWire

As for the other options on select coast to coast Mint services:

Milk Bar Pre-Arrival Service (Redeye Flights Only):
Life Green Juice:
All natural juice packed with cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, lemon, and a touch of sweetness from apples.

Everything Bagel Round:
Bagel dough filled with smoky bacon scallion cream cheese, topped with everything bagel spice.

The new Momofuku Milk Bar juice and bagel options for JetBlue red eye flights from the West Coast to the East Coast. Credit: JetBlue and BusinessWire

Really, not bad, eh? 


The Takeaway:

So for those who are or were New York based and have tried Momofuku Milk Bar, you know that these cookies are just pure crack. It’s as simple as that. They are delicious.

I can also vouch for just how delicious (and how ‘New York’) the Everything Bagel Round is – they are simply just happiness. JetBlue introducing these items, items that are so closely associated with a very iconic and strong New York brand only strengthens the airline’s stranglehold they have with their Mint services coast to coast. And further plays to their image as NYC’s hometown airline. And this point, nearly 20 years into their inception, perhaps rightfully so.

It also emboldens their brand as a true New Yorker brand, with their headquarters just over the East River from Manhattan in Long Island City, Queens. This is a great addition to the already premium catering offering they do from another New York based restaurant, the trendy Manhattan based Saxon+Baines restaurant.

As more than a enthusiastic foodie, honestly, this along with the flat bed suites (some that are singles), the free high speed WiFi and Saxon+Parole catering are enough for me to jump ship from my Star Alliance marriage of convenience with United (and Newark) to JetBlue for their respective premium coast to coast services – the airline keeps adding incentive upon incentive to try their Mint product and perhaps cheat on what has been forced smile of a partnership with UA – and it’s been just that and nothing more. 

Hey JetBlue, I see you. And I like what I’m seeing. And guess what – I’ll see you soon.

And for those Delta, Virgin, American, United folks out there? Join me perhaps? 


Featured photo credit: JetBlue Airways

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