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Are You Affected By The New Carry On Ban? Here’s What To Do, Airline To Airline.

We’ve been closely monitoring the situation given the recent changes to hand carry restrictions here and updated you once things became official here.

We now know that starting in the next few days these restrictions will  be implemented and that basically no electronic device larger than a mobile phone will be allowed onto carry on baggage, including laptops and tablets. Everything other than mobile phones must be checked in. Medical devices are exempt from the ban.

As with any new stringent rule, the way the ban will be implemented will vary from affected airline to airline. We thought it might be helpful to link you to what each airline has announced and reccomends if you’re traveling on a US bound flight in the next few days. Airlines have now had the lead in required to post notices about these changes so they are making their respective stances public through brief statements on their websites.

Reccomendations between these carriers do vary slightly so it might be helpful to access these links and perhaps even print these statements out and bring them to the airport with you in case of staff confusion, which is likely in these initial days.

Remember, you might me on a codeshare flight with any of these carriers, so be extra careful to double check who the actual *operating* carrier is versus just your airline code or flight number. 

This is what the affected airlines had to say about the ban specifically and how it will be enforced: 

Detailed and precise information still seems to be a bit scarce given the brevity of these statements but at least these words are directly from the airlines themselves.

As always with these sort of fluid and developing stories, we’d also advise you to follow the airline on twitter for the most up to date and pertinent information. 

Take care and be safe out there, and please do let us know how travel on these carriers pans out for the next few days.

*Featured Image Credit: Hindustan Times

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