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Skip The Line at the Airport – Sign Up for Three Months of Free CLEAR Membership

If you haven’t heard of CLEAR before, it’s not too surprising, because up until 2016, they were in only a few airports nationwide – and not always the largest airports either.

But that’s changed ever since Delta Airlines (DL) bought a 5% stake in the company, and since then, they’ve been popping up in Delta hubs and focus cities (read: MSP, JFK, LGA, and ATL). Delta isn’t too shy about their partnership either – Diamond Medallions are offered free membership to the expedited security program.


The Scoop

CLEAR is offering a complimentary three month trial membership (or “guest pass” as they call it) to new members. To avail of this, just enroll on their website (if the discount doesn’t reflect when you click the link, enter code DAYLIGHT3). You have until March 27 to sign up and get your first three months free. While you can cancel anytime during the complimentary trial period, at the end of the three months, you’ll be billed the standard annual fee of $179/year. 

First things first – what is CLEAR exactly? I asked myself the same thing when I was offered access to the program through my Medallion benefits. With other security screening programs in place, I wasn’t sure how this was different – after all, I already had TSA Pre✓.

Think of it as a way to skip the potentially longish lines for TSA Pre✓. Not clear enough? CLEAR defines it best with this image on their website:

Clear Image

Credit: CLEAR

Signing up is easy – after entering all your details online, you’ll have to get your fingerprints captured in their system the next time you’re at an airport with a CLEAR station. It’s a pretty quick process and took me no more than 5 minutes to set do the last time I was at LGA.


The Takeaway

So the big question here – is it worth it? Well, it depends.

If you’re a frequent traveler and fly out of the cities where they have stations, then I’d say yes. Otherwise – the $179 tag is a bit much since you won’t be able to use it all that frequently.

I do think it’s worth trying out though – especially for three months for free. (Just don’t forget to cancel before the first three months are up.)

If you hadn’t heard, Delta passengers are offered CLEAR at a discounted rate ($99 for general program members, $79 for Delta credit card holders and Silver, Gold, and Platinum members), though this pricing promo can’t be stacked with the first three months free. Unfortunately, cancelling before the trial membership is over and then signing up separately through the Delta page won’t work since the system would be able to identify the duplicate account. But, I hear if you call and ask nicely before the three months are up, you might luck out and they apply the Delta pricing to your account.


Will you be signing up for this free trial promotion? 



Featured image credit: CLEAR

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