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Delta Meal main cabin economy sandwich

Delta Serves Up Complimentary Meals in Main Cabin on 12 Routes

A while back, Delta (DL) began offering complimentary meals in the Main Cabin on select routes to test the offering. Well, they’re making it official: (domestic) Main Cabin meals are here to stay!


The Scoop

Delta announced today that they would be offering complimentary meals in the Main Cabin on select routes, rolling out the new service on March 1, 2017, then expanding to 10 additional transcontinental flights on April 24. See below for the details on which routes get served up first:

  • March 1:
    • JFK-LAX
    • JFK-SFO
  • April 24:
    • BOS-SFO
    • BOS-LAX
    • BOS-SEA
    • DCA-LAX
    • JFK-PDX
    • JFK-SAN
    • JFK-SEA
    • SEA-FLL
    • SEA-MCO
    • SEA-RDU


Meals served on flights will depend on the departure time. For now, we can expect to see the following menu (though Delta mentions these will be refreshed throughout the year):

  • Morning Flights:
    • Honey Maple Breakfast Sandwich
    • Luvo Breakfast Medley
    • Fruit and Cheese Plate
  • Daytime Flights:
    • Mesquite-Smoked Turkey Combo
    • Luvo Mediterranean Whole Grain Veggie Wrap
    • Fruit and Cheese Plate

Overnight flights will receive the breakfast option that morning flights receive prior to landing.

Delta Meal main cabin economy cheese

Cheese, please. Credit: Delta

The Takeaway

I for one, and thrilled about the change. Delta is really stepping up their game in differentiating themselves from United (UA) and American (AA), who both just recently (within the past year) began offering snacks on their flights – forget offering an actual meal! These by no means compare to the meals served in coach by some Asian carriers – like Thai Airways who manage to serve a hot meal on a 1.5 hour flight – but this is nonetheless fantastic. This all comes at the heels of their recent snack line up refresh, so it’s nice to see lots of (positive!) changes happening at DL.

This will no doubt make Delta’s Basic Economy option even more attractive when competing against both ultra low-cost and legacy carriers – I mean, a meal and a free carry on?! While this won’t bring any changes to Spirit and Frontier (could they care any less?), this certainly makes Delta far more attractive when compared to United and American – at least on these transcontinental routes.

I am, however, interested in seeing how this will play out against the current golden child, jetBlue (B6). The darling airline is generally popular among travelers (and their mint class is a favorite among many business class flyers) – could this meal option sway economy jetBlue travelers towards Delta? jetBlue currently offers snacks (as many as you’d like, and seconds on sodas if you’re so inclined), though no sandwiches or cheese platters, so I’d love to know if any on-the-fence jetBlue flyers make the switch to Delta for the sake of a veggie wrap!


How are these changes impacting your travel decisions? Thinking of flying Delta on one of their transcontinental routes to try out their complimentary meals onboard? 

Delta Main Cabin. Credit: Delta.

Flying cross country in coach doesn’t have to mean flying hungry. Credit: Delta.

Featured image credit: Delta

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