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Delta Diamond Medallion Program Updates – And They’re Great!

SkyTeam and Delta get a lot of hate, and not all of them are without warrant (as a Delta gal, even I’ll admit that). I mean, SkyMiles aren’t dubbed SkyPesos for nothing, what with the constant devaluations and the disappearance of the award chart. Well, it sounds like today, Delta is sticking to their motto of “Keep Climbing” and are offering a small update upgrade(!) to the Diamond Medallion choice benefit program.


The Scoop

There’d been rumors floating around as of late of some updates to the Delta Diamond Medallion Choice Benefit, but today, Delta confirmed the changes. We can can expect to see the following updates for the 2018 Diamond Medallion year (that is, benefits provided to those who qualify for Diamond status for 2018), effective February 1:

  • Flexibility – Diamond Medallions have the option to select their Choice Benefits at different times.
  • Number of Choice Benefits – Members who achieve Diamond Medallion status for the 2018 Medallion year will now receive three Choice Benefit selections instead of two.
    • Delta SkyClub Access – Diamond Medallion members will still have access to Delta Sky Club membership, which must now be selected via Choice Benefits starting with the 2018 Medallion year.
      • Individual Membership – An Individual Membership can be selected by using one Choice Benefit or an Executive Membership can be selected by using two Choice Benefits.
      • Guest Passes – Diamond Medallion members who have complimentary club access via an eligible credit card will have the new option to select a Delta Sky Club Guest Pass to receive unlimited access for up to two guests per visit when traveling with the card member.
  • Gifting Bonus Miles – Diamond and Platinum Medallion members will now have the option to gift bonus miles to another member’s SkyMiles account.
  • Option for Multiple Selections – Diamond Medallion members will now have the ability to make multiple selections of the same benefit, excluding Global and Regional Upgrade Certificates and Delta Sky Club memberships.

Delta Reserve and American Express Platinum Cardholders Rejoice! You can select a 3rd choice benefit instead of having extra Sky Club membership… or opt for guest passes.

The Takeaway

I think these changes are great – giving consumers options is always a step in the right direction. They’re not material – the program hasn’t been flipped on its head by any means, but they’re definitely positive updates.  I, for one, already had Delta lounge access through a credit card, so having Delta gift me the Sky Club membership as part of my Diamond status was unnecessary. I would have much preferred to use it on another benefit (say, $200 in a travel voucher, anyone? )

The option to be able to select multiple benefits (with the exception of the SkyClub membership, naturally, and the upgrade certificates – unfortunately) is great, since I much prefer the travel voucher but would have likely begrudgingly chose one of the other options as a benefit – instead, I can opt for 2 travel vouchers, which I find much more valuable. I’m sure I’m not the only Medallion who appreciates more options.

I would have loved to see these come into play when I chose my 2017 Choice Benefits, but I suppose it’s something to look forward to for 2018.


Diamond Medallions – which choice benefits will you be selecting for 2018? 

Featured image credit: Delta


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