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Uber Update: Starwood Changes Starpoint Earning Structure for Uber Rides

Was it too good to last?

In 2015, Starwood introduced a new way to earn the ever-lucrative Starpoint – 1 point for ever $1 spent on Uber rides (and double that when staying at an SPG property). Maybe I’m a dinosaur, but prior to this partnership, I was just the occasional Uber user – in New York City, finding a taxi isn’t difficult at all.


The Scoop

Not sure why the change, but today, Starwood has updated their promotion details to reflect changes to the program, effective February 1, 2017:

  • Everyday earning: 1 Starpoint per $2 spent with Uber
  • SPG Stays: 2 Starpoints per $1 spent with Uber

Extra credit – Starwood is offering 5 points per $1 spent with Uber will staying at an SPG property for the month of February.

See the updated Terms & Conditions here.


The Takeaway

I, for one, am disappointed to see the change – the promotion definitely increased my interest in taking Ubers (vs other competitors). Even so, I’m sure the change is due to the deal not being quite lucrative enough for one party (or both) and am glad to at least see they haven’t done away with the program in its entirety (well, for now, at least).

If you haven’t already, be sure to link your SPG and Uber accounts to take advantage of the next couple weeks of the $1=1 Starpoint earning structure until the change hits in February. If you’ve got SPG stays planned in February and you’re an avid Uber rider, you’ll definitely want to make sure your accounts are connected. (Side note: remember, you must have an SPG stay posted to your account in the current calendar year to be eligible to earn points via Uber rides)


How is this change affecting your Uber ridership (if at all?) 


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