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Alert! Virgin America Flash Sale Through Today (Dec 8): BOOK NOW!

Virgin America’s (VX) merger/purchase by Alaska Airlines is nearly done, after much pain and negotiation. It seems as though the Department of Transport (DoT) have finally approved the partnership, with anti-trust folks and industry insiders finally giving their go ahead for the deal.

Maybe to celebrate (?) the airline has announced a massive flash sale of some remarkable deals from coast to coast – and the best part? It’s mainly focused in their premium cabins! We’re seeing some impeccable deals in Main Cabin Select (bulkhead and exit row seats in coach) and First Class – some that are hard to believe in fact.

Main Cabin Select is a great way to cross the country with more space to stretch out and free food and entertainment.

The Scoop:

Last minute holiday planning just got better, and now you can justify waiting till now to book your Christmas and/or New Year travel and look smart for it.

A last minute flash fare sale has been announced from Virgin America today, and is only valid through the end of today, December 8, 2016.Fares are valid for flight travel between December 17 through January 1, 2017.

Flights are valid for travel between New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and Portland. For travel between these destinations fares are being sold at $99 one way in Main Cabin Select and $149 one way in First Class.

Included in these fares are a free checked bag (two in First) and seat selection, priority check in, security screening and boarding (a major plus during the busy holiday season) and free booze and food on board.

This is an incredible deal. No two ways about it.

And best yet it should more or less fit most people’s holiday travel schedules, at least one way (which is probably the airline’s motive to begin with).

The Takeaway:


Book fast. Because this deal is only valid through midnight on December 8, Pacific Standard Time. And we’d think that seats will go fast so booking in time is imperative if the nature of the deal suits your needs.

Yes, Virgin’s transcontinental First Class hard product with their (still generous) recliner seats is now outdated with all the flat bed offerings out there and the already reasonable JetBlue Mint product having been introduced. But at $149 one way and Virgin’s award winning stellar soft product – as in their crew and catering – this is a deal we just simply wouldn’t pass on.

$149 for one of these seats in First Class is not a bad deal – not a bad deal at all.

Listen, Virgin America is obviously price gouging and aggressively going for the holiday last minute bookers to fill their flights before they merge into the Alaska Airlines group – a last attempt to gain some frequent fliers before the Virgin name as we know it disappears. Whether you become one or not is irrelevant – not at $300 RT in First Class!

Would you ditch your ‘usual’ flight or alliance for this awesome deal? We’re definitely tempted, and we’re assuming we’re not the only ones!


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