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Delta Announces New Snacks on Flights

No one loves a good excuse to eat like Arun and I do, so naturally, we’re thrilled to see Delta’s new announcement today of their refreshed snack line up.


The Scoop

Beginning December 15, 2016, Delta’s will be serving new snacks on board and retiring some of their old Delta-branded offerings. 

The updated snack menu will consist of the following:

  • Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels
  • Squirrel Brand Honey Roasted Peanuts
  • NatureBox Apple Cinnamon Yogurts Bars

In addition to the three newcomers, Delta’s signature “beloved” (that’s a direct quote from Delta’s press release) Biscoff cookie will remain on the rotation. 

Delta offers updated snacks on flights


The snacks available on flights will depend primarily on distance flown:

  • For flights between 251-599 miles, Biscoff cookies and Snyer’s of Hanover Pretzels will be available
  • Flights over 600 miles will carry all four options


The Takeaway

Well, I don’t know that I would consider those Biscoff cookies “beloved” (in fact, if anything was going to be refreshed, I had hoped it was that offering), but it’s great to see an update to their snack offering. I’ll admit I’m (pleasantly!) surprised by this announcement – especially because Delta just announced that they will begin testing free meals on longer domestic flights in the main cabin, I wasn’t expecting to see any updates on the food-related front.

This is definitely a more impressive offering than their competitors – American currently only offers Biscoff cookies and pretzels, while United offers a stoopwafel for breakfast and an “Asian-inspired” snack mix on afternoon flights – both of whom only began serving snacks again on their domestic flights in February of this year.

While I doubt that this is going to be the sole reason that convinces anyone to fly Delta, the improvement in snack options will be a welcomed change for all flyers, no doubt.

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