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Here’s an Amex Holiday Carol For You: Free Ubers From Select US Airports!

Sometimes a good deal is just a good deal. And we’ve gotten word of what sounds like an amazing deal, just in time for holiday travel.

If you are an American Express member (of any credit card tier) you are eligible to two free Uber rides from select airports across the United States. Of course there’s a cap to the trip cost – but at $65 per each of the two rides you’re eligible for we see most of us being completely covered for our airport travel needs. This is especially true given the airports they are available from and where they are located relative to the metropolitan areas they serve – in fact in some locales it’s probably more than generous.


Indulge on some free Uber exec (or any other Uber) rides this holiday season.

It’ll also come in handy because surge pricing will most likely be in effect during peak holiday travel period especially from airport areas into the city.

The deal runs through the end of the year and expires on December 31, 2016.

There are some noticeable exceptions on this list, but here are the airports that this promo is available from:

LAX would have been useful but we see why it’s been left off given how SoCal works and driving to pretty much…anywhere. The likes of San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas and Denver are also notable omissions and a bit more surprising and its unfortunate that no Florida airports are on the list either.

Come to think of it, we wonder if this amazing promo might spread to be available on Uber rides internationally? Sure would come in handy for us! We’ll keep you posted on that front.

But for those fortunate to have holiday travel plans at the included airports, here’s how it works. It’s pretty simple and in fact, pretty much exactly the same as your usual Uber ride except it’s FREE.

The process is simple - easy peasy.

The process is simple – easy peasy.

Okay now that you know the rocket science it’ll take to avail of this offer, here some of the nuts and bolts of the situation:

  • Rides are only available FROM the aforementioned airports, not TO them. Remember that.
  • All American Express members are allowed to avail of the promo regardless of status.
  • ANY type of Uber service is included – from uberX to uberexec! Maybe now’s the time to ball out on your personal trip from the airport back to your family??
  • Per the instructions above, just *remember* to put in the promo code in the payment field – AMEXAIRPORT. Remember that!

And while we feel as though $65 should cover most of our trips from airports to our final destinations, Amex and Uber also state that if you exceed that amount, they’ll just pay for the ride up to the $65 mark with you footing the difference. Per their official joint press release:

This promotion will cover your fare up to $65 per ride. Any amount over $65 will be charged to the American Express Card on your Uber account that is selected as the payment method for the ride. The discounted fare will be displayed on your post-ride email receipt. If your total fare is less than $65, you will only receive a discount up to the cost of the ride and you will not be able to use the remainder of such amount for future discounts.

You can find the full details, terms and conditions and more FAQs on their official site here.

I don’t know if it’s the old man in me but I just love a free deal. And love the fact that it’d be something I was going to do regardless but now it’s free. There’s something very satisfying about this whole situation. Or is it just me? Hmm. Just remember to maximize on the deal – if you estimate your trip to be shorter and good deal less than $65 then by all means go all out and get an exec but if you’re headed into Manhattan from JFK maybe just stick to your normal uberX – or hell if you’re with friends limo it into the city and party into 2017 – because, YOLO.

…oh no…I’m an old millennial. 

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