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Yokoso! Head to Japan for *cheap* During the Amazing Cherry Blossom Season!

Our sources over at Condé Nast are on to something – and on to something good. 

It seems as though there are some ridiculously cheap deals from the United States to Japan during – get this – a peak travel period, the Cherry Blossom season. The best part is that there are several class airlines that are taking part in what seems like a fire sale, and these airlines cross alliance allegiances (unless you’re with SkyTeam, in which case you’re out of luck).

One of the most beautiful times of the year.

One of the most beautiful times of the year.

Better yet? It’s not only limited to a given city pairing or specific flight but rather wide ranging with a good array of cities represented be it through connections or direct flights. To be honest we’re a bit confused as to the rationale behind this stupendous deal that several major carriers are offering their passengers but we’re not one to complain when amazing steals like this come about.

Here’s what we know from Condé Nast:

JAL, ANA, Air Canada, and United are all offering discounted fares between $450 and $655 round-trip (three are non-stop, from L.A., Seattle, and NYC). Since flights to Tokyo usually cost more than $1,000 during March and April, Japan’s peak cherry blossom season, these airfares are an astounding 30 to 50 percent off.


Both of the major Japanese airlines, JAL and ANA, are offering these amazing deals to Japan.

So two of those four airlines are genuinely world class (the Japanese ones, of course). And two alliances are represented there – oneworld and Star Alliance, so that at least makes life easier for 2/3 of us. And yes. From $450, you can actually fly roundtrip from the US to Japan to see the cherry blossoms. While the terms and conditions of these tickets are not made exactly clear, we’re assuming it will be highly restrictive and perhaps even not eligible to earn miles on – but a sub $500 fare on a 11 hour flight across the Pacific is hard to miss out on to be honest. 

The deal is not only limited to passengers originating in the US - itineraries from Canada are also showing some great steals for this upcoming springtime.

From the Maple Leaf to the Cherry Blossom: the deal is not only limited to passengers originating in the US – itineraries from Canada are also showing some great steals for this upcoming springtime.

All the more enticing is just how long this deal extends through. The highlight is that the Cherry Blossom season is included, but it actually extends way beyond that with only a few blackout dates in between: 

The deal actually extends beyond high-bloom season, with varied availability between November and April 2017 based on the departure city. The only blackout dates are around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

So. We can’t really say much more than get on this deal – even if it’s a restricted fare, it’s simply too good of a value to pass up on. And if you’ve ever been to Japan during this beautiful season, you’ll know it’ll be well worth it despite the lack of mileage accrual. To get more information on all this and to jump the gun and book your Japanese getaway, Condé Nast says to do this:

The deal extends from 62 cities across the U.S. and Canada, so start by putting your local airport code into Google Flights to see if it made the cut. If not, try nearby airports, because there’s a departure city in almost every state. Use the calendar to find the best time that works for your schedule and budget (sample search).

There are some caveats to be aware of though – but we think that it is eminently doable and understandable:

It’s a little early to guarantee arrival during peak bloom, but planning a trip for late March through early April will give you a decent chance of seeing the white and pink flowers. You’ll have a day or two to consider this deal, according to Scott Keyes ofScott’s Cheap Flights, so you can pick your dates accordingly.

A trip to Japan is never, ever, a bad idea. And at these prices? We’d hope that you’ve already opened a new tab and are in the process of booking your trip to see some cherries blossom. How does this deal sound to you – would you pull the trigger? 

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