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Bottoms Up: jetBlue and Harpoon Brewery Partner to Bring Exclusive In-Flight Craft Beer

Not long ago, jetBlue started serving UFO beer from Harpoon Brewery on their flights, adding to the mix of standard commercial beers offered. Well, time for craft beer fans to get excited – the Boston-based  Brewery has announced that they’ll be brewing up a special craft beer that will be exclusively served on jetBlue flights. 

jetblue-ufo-white (from harpoon page)

Harpoon’s UFO White has been available on all jetBlue flights since 2015

At a media event at Harpoon’s headquarters in Beantown, attendees were asked to sample and vote between four new beers (currently not offered elsewhere) to temporarily replace the classic white beer that is being offered on jetBlue’s flights. The brews up for tastings were:

  • Golden Linings golden ale (4.7 percent ABV, 25 IBU)
  • No Layover session IPA (4.3 percent ABV, 42 IBU)
  • Huckleberry UFO hefeweizen (4.8 percent ABV, 12 IBU)
  • Pina Colada UFO hefeweizen (4.8 percent ABV, 12 IBU)

While these all sound awesome (though I think the Huckleberry and Pina Colada might be a little too um, flavorful, for some), I don’t know how I feel about them replacing UFO on the flights. The UFO white is a standard crowd pleaser, fairly, whereas I think a flavored beer and even the session IPA might be a bit alienating (no pun intended) for casual beer drinkers. I love a good craft beer, but even I’m not sure I’d be too keen on downing a whole can of Pina Colada hefeweizen (though would definitely be open to tasting this!).

Though the final details on the winning recipe have not been divulged, it’s expected that the beer will be available for a limited amount of time on jetBlue’s flights – anywhere from 2 to 6 months. According to Harpoon, availability outside of flights will be up to jetBlue.

Even so, it’s refreshing (now that was on purpose) to see jetBlue and Harpoon change things up and liven up their offering. Looking forward to seeing what other new offerings this partnership brings to air travel. Bottoms up!

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