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#JensBack – yet Another Emirates Social Media Coup

Jen likes her First Class suite with her custom made iPad seat and IFE controller

Jen likes her First Class suite with her custom made iPad seat and IFE controller. (We all look like that on a long haul flight, right?)

Emirates (EK) does social media. And they do it better than anyone else.

Abu Dhabi’s Etihad has Nicole Kidman, Dubai’s Emirates has Jennifer Aniston. Nothing like some friendly competition, eh?

We’ve already talked about their sports sponsorships, but they are also now mingling with celebrities. Last year we saw Jennifer Aniston feature in a worldwide campaign featuring their First Class suites, bar, spas and showers (at a rumored $5 million price tag).

They also took the opportunity to mock their American counterparts and their vastly inferior offerings. The ad proved to be a success.

Well, #JensBack. Indeed, the airline is using this very hashtag to stir up a storm on Twitter, instagram and other social media outlets as they are want to do.

She also gets a bit flirty with an Emirates crew member at the airline's onboard bar.

She also gets a bit flirty with an Emirates crew member at the airline’s onboard bar.

While we don’t know what the cost is this time round, given the success of the first campaign we wouldn’t be surprised if it was north of $5 million. But it works for the airline, and given how savvy EK is with their marketing and budgeting they are only doing it because it worked for them very well the first time round.

Keep in mind this followed another worldwide campaign that featured Ronaldo and Pele and also other more locally focused celebrities such as Bollywood’s Madhuri Dixit that aired in India. They also get players from the football clubs they sponsor, such as Real Madrid, Arsenal, AC Milan to welcome passengers on board on their personal TV screens – and make no mistake, they are aired on specific flights, sectors and routes where the airline knows the said teams and/or players are popular.

The new ad features (surprise) an American family who are awe struck when they see the former Friends star on the plane, and this time, while they do still highlight their premium offerings, the focus is on Economy.

Her seat in First Class is usurped by a boy, who then leads her to his Economy seat next to his dad for a seat swap – to the obvious amazement of his parents.

Overall the ad is well made, slick and endearing, typical of an Emirates ad campaign. Honestly, this airline is an expert in what they do in marketing their brand. It really is no surprise then that they are the world’s most ‘valuable’ airline, as we reported here:

They try to appeal to a broad range of folks, as they need to as the world’s largest international airline in flying kilometers. They also have the product to match the image they try to portray if you can ignore the 3-4-3 in Emirates economy (because you know, you’re going to be seated next to Jennifer Aniston).

Here’s the vid:

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For me, it’s another social media coup by EK seeing the reaction in the airline community and the reaction on Twitter. Newspapers such as UK’s Daily Mail are carrying specific stories about the ad – so it’s working (even if not all comments by users were positive – but you know what they say about publicity and all that). I liked the ad and it portrays the actress basically as her alter ego from her character in Friends, and it also showcases the airline’s premium and Economy product which is a good thing.

For Joey, well it wasn’t so relevant. She recognizes that it’s a good exercise in marketing but she’s flying Emirates either way anyway so for her it was a flash in the pan – 1 minute spent on a YouTube video and life moved on. (She’s also not a huge fan of Jen, so there’s that too)

So apples for oranges here from us on this one, but either way we both think that Emirates comes out a winner on this one.


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