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Rumor: ‘Unamed’ airline to introduce ‘Super First Class’ on the 777

Who might they be, who might they be?

So our guess is that it will be one of the usual suspects – Singapore Airlines (SQ), Emirates (EK), Etihad (EY), Thai (TG) or Qatar (QR).

And our money is definitely with Emirates on this one.

They are the only airline out of the aforementioned ones that have a notable order book of new 777s to be delivered. SQ doesn’t have any new 777s on the way and they have just refreshed their premium product, Etihad has introduced the ‘Apartment’ which what we assume is what this product is meant to compete with, Thai doesn’t have the need for this ‘Super First Class’ product and Qatar barely has first class to begin with – they only offer 8 seats on their A380 fleet which is a grand total of 10.

We know about this through an article that the Australian Business Times published, that asked that what’s better than first class? Well apparently we’ll find out in 2017 when:

An as-yet-unnamed airline rolls out “proprietary high-end super first class suites” on its factory-fresh Boeing 777 jets.

The suites are being designed by B/E Aerospace as part of a contract worth US$450 million (A$593m), but the firm is keeping mum on the identity of its big-spending customer, which it describes only as “a major international airline” and “one of the world’s leading global airlines.”


The supersuites – which we’re told “will be designed with luxurious amenities, extraordinary comfort and living space while also providing enhanced privacy for the passenger” – will debut on that airline’s new Boeing 777s, of which “initial deliveries are expected to begin in late 2017.”

And it gets better for us passengers, as the product, despite being under patent, can and will be made available to other long haul wide body aircraft:

There’s also “an option to outfit additional wide-body aircraft” which could encompass the Boeing 787, Airbus A380 or A350 jets.

B/E Aerospace’s current flagship first class suite is the Oasis family, which is the product that Swiss and Thai boast in their first class cabins.

The Oasis product on Swiss

The Oasis product on Swiss

The Thai Airways variation of the premium Oasis product

The Thai Airways variation of the premium Oasis product

Both are variations of the same base product, as is usually the case for most airlines except for a select few. Except B/E Aerospace has confirmed that this product will be unique and patented to the ‘unamed’ airline, which is all the more impressive:

This mystery airline’s supersuite will be something else again, with a spokesperson for B/E Aerospace confirming to Australian Business Traveller that “the announcement that we made is for a completely new product,” and one for which the company is understandably “not disclosing any details.”

We’re excited to see what this new ‘supersuite’ will bring and what airline will be doing it. But again, the reason we are putting our money on Emirates being the mystery candidate here is that they have a huge order book of new 777s to come, and are one of the few airlines remaining that offer First Class on any sort of scale.

Keep an eye, ear and nose out and if you hear anything, let us know!! We’re intrigued to say the least and just might have to fly on this new ‘supersuite’ because, well it’s a supersuite (whatever that is!?)

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