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Here’s a bit of fun: Air NZ’s newest safety video, “Safety in Hollywood”

Over the past several years Air New Zealand has earned itself a reputation for creating quirky, creative safety videos to capture your attention.

Well the airline that has brought you a safety video starring Betty White, another one starring Richard Simmons, one bringing you to Middle Earth, one done in conjunction with Sports Illustrated models shot on a beach in Tonga (thank you) and another featuring national heroes The All Blacks has just done it again. And this time they’ve sought the help of Hollywood star Anna Faris and New Zealand comedian Rhys Darby. 

air NZ

air nz2

air nz3

air nz 4

air nz 5

air nz 8

In keeping with trend, it’s delightfully quirky and well shot. Listen, we’re all for some fun in the air because these days people get way too serious when on air travel. So more power to you Air NZ, and keep up the great work.

Check it out here:


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