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A game of catch up: United officially unveils Polaris

It’s 2016. As a business class passenger, I don’t want to climb over someone to reach the aisle. It seems as though others might not want to either and United have finally gotten the memo.

A side note is that 2-4-2 on a 777 in J is no, as in a Just no. British Airways can pull it off because they are British Airways. United cannot and has not, hence UA Polaris. A very very welcome addition to United’s offering.

A new ad campaign has been released by the airline that highlights some of their new offerings, and while the spot might seem a bit odd the new offerings do look enticing.


In the new 1-2-1 format United joins the modern age of standard business class products and has also upgraded their catering and amenities offered to business passengers which now puts them on par with the average.


New Polaris lounges will be progressively introduced across their network, thereby bypassing the thoroughly depressing United Club and giving passengers something resembling a decent lounge experience.


Polaris will be rolled out in stages through UA’s new 777-300ER fleet which will also feature the new addition of 3-4-3 seating in Economy instead of the current 3-3-3! Enjoy! Welcome to 2016 and and thanks for flying United. 🙂





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