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Lounge Review: Aeromexico Premier Salon – Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX)

Aeromexico Premier Salon – Benito Juárez International Airport


Location: Airside, Terminal 2
Hours: 4:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Cost: Complimentary for Business Class Passengers and SkyTeam Elite Members, Day Pass for $30 USD
Shower: No
WiFi: Yes, free
Spa: Yes
Food: Yes, served buffet style. Alcohol available as part of buffet.
Table Service: No
Date of Visit: July 22, 2016




In the middle of my two week work trip to Mexico City, I decided to fly out to the LA area to visit a friend.  I arrived at the airport a couple hours early and breezed through security, thanks to the separate screening for SkyTeam Elite members at the terminal.

I decided to  check out the Aeromexico Salon Premier lounge since I was in their home airport – surely this would be the Aeromexico lounge to visit!


The Lounge

The Salon Premier lounge is located on the second floor of Terminal 2. You can take the elevator or stairs up (though if you’re anything like me and prefer to avoid checking luggage, you’ll be taking the elevator) and easily find the Aeromexico lounge among a few other lounges and restaurants.


Aeromexico Salon Premier entrance

After being processed by the agent at the front desk, I was welcomed into the lounge (but given very little information about the space). I walked in to the very crowded room and struggled to find a seat. At 6:30pm on a Friday, the lounge was packed.


The lounge was separated into four areas – the large main room, two smaller rooms, and the spa. The main room had a very open concept feel to it as the walls did did not fully extend to the ceiling. The lounge felt larger, but also noisier as a result.


Aeromexico Premier Salon main room

The main room had several seating areas, a self-serve buffet and beverage area (including liquor, which several people helped themselves to) and a serviced bar


Aeromexico Premier Salon beverage refrigerator


Aeromexico Premier Salon liquor shelf


Aeromexico Premier Salon snacks

The smaller rooms mostly consisted of seating, but one room had a small table with snacks laid out.


MEX Aeromexico Salon Premier lounge snack table

The small rooms look like they would typically be a quieter place to lounge around, but on a busy day like this day, it felt more chaotic.

The spa offered several services, all of which were available for a fee.

I opted to sit in the larger room, after finally finding an open seat. The lounge emptied out a little bit by 7 pm – by the looks of it, most flights began boarding around then. The room had several large televisions – most of them airing soccer games, but a few flashing departure details. This was especially helpful since they don’t announce departure gates until approximately two hours before take off – so there’s a very good chance you’ll need to look yours up while you’re in here.


MEX Aeromexico Salon Premier lounge departures screen

There isn’t any notification or announcements at the lounge about  when Aeromexico flights are boarding (like they do at other lounges), which I wasn’t too surprised about, given how busy the lounge was.

While the lounge was very busy and saw guests coming and going, there were several servers who walked around to clean up any glasses left behind by guests. Very rarely did I see any trash sitting around for too long.

The lounge offers free wifi for guests, however, you’ll have to flag down a server in order to obtain these. I didn’t see any signs at the check in desk, nor did they provide this detail when I provided them with my boarding pass and identification. Wifi was fairly strong and I was able to get a good amount of work done (since I wasn’t able to do any at the hotel the night before), minus some cheering from the guests watching the soccer game. This was certainly one of the more lively lounges I’d been to, and I certainly can’t blame anyone for being a little rowdy on a Friday afternoon on his or her way home.

The Aeromexico Salon Premier lounge is accessible to passengers flying in Aeromexico Business or First Class, SkyTeam Elite members, and Priority Pass card holders. A day pass can be purchased for $30, although I don’t know that I would be willing to pay that amount if the lounge was this busy.



For those who have complimentary access to the lounge, it is certainly worth a visit for the access to wifi and space to spread out (when not near maximum capacity). For those who are looking to purchase a day pass, the lounge would probably be worth it if if you’re looking to enjoy a few drinks while passing the time, otherwise, I’d consider skipping this spot and finding another restaurant to wait for your flight at. Considering this is the lounge at a Aeromexico hub, I was hoping to find a few extra amenities that I wouldn’t expect to see at other lounges, and this did not quite deliver in that aspect. But it has the basics, and if you’re looking to relax over a drink and get some work done, this is not a bad place to do it.



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